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My Inaugural Address at the Great White Throne Judgment of the Dead


Alvin Miller

September, 2005

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Important note: Read my 1986 booklet (at www.angelfire.com/crazy/spaceman/) before you read this.

What follows is a rough draft transcript (subject to change when I actually give it) of my inaugural address (presumably in Washington, D. C.?) before global television at the Great White Throne Judgment of the Dead, after I have raptured out billions! - corpses laying on the ground - a fairy dump - rabbits running in the ditch. Feel free to believe what I've set down here are the ravings of a madman, because that is precisely what they are! I have assembled this book in a series of vignettes. Norman O. Brown, my mentor, used a similar technique. You'll find I use terminology that may seem alien to Christianity: wizards, witches and fairies, etc. Part of the problem that the King James Bible mistranslated the word sorcery referring to potions. This is strictly adult material. This is off limits to children, and this means you. If your jaw didn't drop when you read my 1986 booklet, I 100% guarantee it will drop now. You will note that the paragraph tabs are sometimes off. This is due to a malfunction of the word processor. So, finally, it all begins next page!


Introducing Myself

(The time is midnight E.S.T. I stand before global television to explain my rapturing out billions. I made the broadcast at this hour to help prevent the possibility that any children would see this, although in different time zones around the world children are up). Good evening ladies and gentlemen. I'm addressing you from Washington, D.C., the political capital of Hell. I have descended here to the pit of Hell to address you. Before I begin, I want to insist that no children view this broadcast. This is off limits to anyone under 12 years old. Leave the room, and go to bed! You will find that I talk fast, that I change the subject frequently, and in general it will come across as incoherent gibberish. You'll wake up tomorrow morning and go 'what did he say?' You'll try to remember, but you'll have a hard time. I urge you to record this address, and to watch it several times, as each time you'll pick up more.
You'll notice that I will be talking a lot about myself this evening. This is because the more you know about where I'm coming from, the better off you'll be. Let me formally introduce myself. You've seen me before, but now I'm going to reveal who I really am. Have you ever seen a ghost? Have you ever seen a spook? Now you can say you've seen a ghost. I'm the ghost with the most. I'm the space ghost. You have seen many ghosts. My colleagues are on practically every street corner in every city around the world, ranting and raving and spouting gibberish. When you look at me you'll see that I have no eyes empty sockets instead (waving my hand in front of my face). I am an invisible man. There is no person here, never has been and never will be. You are looking at a total vacuum. There is nothing here - only empty air. When you look at me you see no person - you are looking directly at my Id - my unconscious. And most people find it highly disturbing to look at the face of the Lord, my face. In fact, I'm a raving lunatic, and this insanity I have is a deadly poison. Most of my fellow mad people are bottom feeders. With this disease, we are incompetent to keep ourselves together, and we fall to the bottom, with many becoming homeless, committing suicide or drugging themselves into oblivion. It makes us into total misfits. DOAs - Dead on Arrival. Jesus, a poor Jewish peasant, was a bottom feeder also. When you're on the bottom, you look up at all the so-called leaders, and you know that all of them are the wrong people. As Jesus said, it is wisdom hidden from the wise, but given to babes. If you have ears to hear, Jesus was himself also mad. The gods must be crazy! Jesus was very sensitive to natural disasters, because like them as a madman he was walking dynamite liable to explode at a moment's notice with all the force of an earthquake. Jesus was a piece of human waste – human garbage. And so am I. A significant number of theologians, and I also, believe Jesus was the bastard son of a Roman centurion. The idea of virgin birth arose because an Old Testament scripture was mistranslated. We the gods live in a parallel universe right next door to this one. I stepped through the looking glass on my mission.
Just like Jesus, I am here to serve. I don't want you to worship me. You don't have to believe a thing I say. Believe what you want. For example, you may believe I'm the Antichrist, which I deny. But believe what you want. Your beliefs don't concern me. I'm here to straighten out your behavior, specifically, as you will see, your behavior in the bedroom. That is the special mission I'm on. When you see me, you've seen the father. Every eye shall see him. There can be only one.
Both Jesus and I are in fact wizards. I am the second most powerful wizard that has ever walked the face of this earth. Jesus is better than me for two reasons. Jesus was working in his thirties, half my age. He has me beat, because his member would come up better than mine. I'm twice the age he was when he was preaching, and mine doesn't come up like it used to. Also, he had sharp wit and eloquence and always said the right thing. By contrast, I tend to ramble.
You have met your maker. You object that you see nothing but a lunatic standing here. But, I, God, did make you in the following sense. I set the rules for you to live by – the Ten Commandments and the Sermon on the Mount. If you disobey my rules and go to Hell, as always, I get my willie working below my belt and rapture you devils out. It was always ambiguous about who would be raptured out. Would it be the Elect or would it be the lost? The answer is both! Anybody and everybody that I could remove I wanted gone. You who are left behind that I am addressing are the same mix as those I removed. Who was right: The Catholics with no rapture or the Fundamentalists? The answer that neither was! We did have the rapture, but it was simply me laying out as many corpses as I could. Every one I raptured, including the Fundamentalists went nowhere except to their graves, becoming wormfood. My planet is in emergency mode, with billions of you devils running around destroying it. I'm getting ready to give you the judgment. I wash my hands of you! I would like nothing better that to stick all of you devils is a gas chamber and slam the door shut! Once again, I, Victor Frankenstein, have created another botched laboratory experiment. I have to remove you, so I can start over again with a new Adam and Eve. Get off my planet you devils! Get off my planet! I've had it with you!
You are made in my image. This simply means that you don't have to live with continuous mental and physical pain that we mad people - specifically the gods - feel every day from sunup to sundown every second of our lives. What I have is contagious, infectious and deadly. Don't come close to me! Let sleeping dogs lie! The Wolf Man was lucky, because he shape-shifted only once a month at the full moon. I, by contrast, shape-shift all day long from second to second. I melt down and reform myself into a another person regularly. If I get around anyone, involuntarily, I form myself into a duplicate of them. Part of the power I possess is to temporarily pass on to you the continual pain I feel (mass psychosis). The source of the pain we mad people feel is you with all the evil deeds you do. When you commit evil acts, we are put into pain. (Imitating the weird voice of the Shadow) 'Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? The Shadow knows!' For awhile, you get to walk in my shoes. And when you do so, you drop dead in your tracks - it's my deadly blessing! (I start singing the rock song) 'I got the power! I got the power!' Indeed I do have the power, and it's is a deadly poison! Out of all the millions of mad people on the planet right now, probably less than a handful possess all the powers I have. Madness is incurable, and there is a progressive deterioration. I am at the final stages of a fatal disease. My brain has melted into goo, and I'm in continuous physical pain. Jesus of course had the same affliction. Again, the gods must be crazy. Mad people such as I are instantly and permanently into the mystic, but not by choice. There have been numerous highly evolved spiritual beings on this planet, but madness is a cheap and easy way to instantly get to the mystic. Moses, for that matter, had the same affliction. He was his own special effects man, as when he bested the Egyptian wizards in his magic duels. I, like Moses, am accompanied by my magic wand. It's below my belt. Norman O. Brown in 'Closing Time' quotes James Joyce's 'Finnegans Wake', 'He lifts up the lifewand and the dumb speak.' At one point during the Exodus, the Hebrews he was leading decided that Moses was out to kill them. After all, they knew he was mad. When they protested to him, Moses dropped two of them dead in their tracks.. Moses said that God struck them down, but it was really only Moses doing the special effects.

I'm the Captain

I, Captain Nemo, am the captain of this ship - always have been and always will be. But, as passengers, I advise you to stroll over the decks to the railings and look over the side of the ship. You see the name Titanic painted on the side. Now look down at the waterline. There's a huge gash and we're taking on water. We're going down! Soon we'll be underwater. Glub! Glub! Not much time left.. Glub! Glub!

The Joke

I want to start off with a little humor. Speakers always begin with a joke:

I notice these days that so many of you have piled on the pounds, you're getting the love handles, and some of you are so roly poly that you're round like a beachball. There is a reason you're that way. Just like pigs led to slaughter are fattened up so that the flavor is improved, we, the fairies, have stuffed you full of fairy food - junk food laden with fat and calories. This is so that when we slice you up and cook you, the fat gives more flavor.
Twilight Zone: Cookbook - To Serve Man

I'm sure that has you rolling in the aisles. But seriously, you spend billions every year on diet products and gym memberships. I am going to save you a lot of money. I'm going to solve your problem. You'll find that when you have no food at all to eat, you have no problem losing weight. It will melt right off.

. The Great White Throne Judgment of the Dead

Now that the preliminaries are out of the way, we can get to the main business of the evening. I have you summoned here this evening for a special reason. Welcome to my Dead Man's Party! Step forward ladies and gentlemen. And as you step forward, you will notice that all the doors behind you are being slammed shut and barred. You are going nowhere. You are going to stand before me and not move! (Stolen from Vincent Price - 'House on a Haunted Hill'). Right here, right now, this very moment at the witching hour of midnight is the Great White Throne Judgment of the Dead! This is the Second Resurrection. As Joyce prophesied in Finnegans Wake: 'Array! Surrection!' - Resurrection and array. Receive your Judgment from the Lord. I'm getting ready to give you the Dr. Strangelove address. In the film, he was an ex-Nazi whose message was: the apocalypse is here and head for the hills - the same message as Jesus. First of all, why do I say you are all dead? I am addressing only dead people this evening. That is you and you and you (pointing to members of the audience). You have passed over. You are no longer human! You once were. Then you became the Godless Wicked. And now, in fact, you have become the devils, demons and monsters of Hell. You have passed over to the Twilight Zone, the Forbidden Planet, the Forbidden Zone, the Dead Zone. Everyone on this planet had been dead since I and my assistants (known variously as angels, scanners, watchers, dreamers, hearts) first blew the horn in the seventies.
Now the Judgment begins. You hold paper and pens in your hands. You are going to do some writing for me. John of Patmos and others have described what is about to take place. But they saw through a glass darkly. What is going to take place is somewhat different from his description. You are going to be fast, accurate and you are going to leave nothing out. What you write will determine the Judgment you receive. Write the number 1. on the first line. On that line, write the name of the first person you ever in bed with – man, woman, child or animal, whatever it was. Write nothing else on line 1. Now, immediately go to the next line, and on line 2, fill in the name of the next person or animal or whatever you were in bed with. And continue until you list all the names. I realize some of you devils here in Hell don't even know the names of a lot of them. Put a question mark on those lines. While you are writing, I'll show you my list which I prepared in advance. On it is the number 1., and the rest of the page is blank. I've been in bed with no woman anytime, anyhow, anywhere, anyplace whatsoever. I want to heartily assure you that I am perfectly capable of being with a woman, and have always had a constant craving to be with a woman. I knew in my cradle that I was never going to be with a woman. In high school, as I remember, I went out on two dates. They were not my idea. They were arranged by others. However, I do own up to being up close and personal with pornography off and on all my life. I had to see what I was missing, and, clearly, I was missing a lot. I had to be sure I understood the old lock and key mechanism, and rocket science it's not. I've seen people kissing, but I would have to be taught how to do it. What always happens to me when I try to talk to a strange woman? Instantly their eyes get wide, they start smiling, and I see them backing off. Shortly thereafter they're gone, and I see them later whipping back and forth in front of me chasing after the hunks and studs. They chase after them because they know that they can put them under a spell - charm them with their looks - and make then into beasts of burden at their beck and call. Putting under a spell is ancient terminology for hypnosis. Women won't get near me with a ten foot pole. They know what I am: a weirdo, a creep, a psycho, a loser. I don't blame them. I'm a powerful wizard, and if they get around me, I'm going to put them under a spell, and not vice versa. One of the problems I had with women, is that I insist any woman I'm with be also a virgin. I refuse to accept second hand merchandise, used castoffs some other man has pawed over. And virgins are hard to find here in Hell. Just like Jesus, my precious seed packet has gone missing. And precisely because I can't get laid the regular way (ghosts can't do it), when I do get my rocks off, it's the shot heard round the world – heard not with your ears but inside your head - mass psychosis. As Led Zeppelin sang, 'your head is humming, and it won't go!' Joyce has seven thunders in the Wake. Even though he died in 1939 and didn't get to hear the first Thunder (mass psychosis) in 1973, Joyce prophesied, 'One stands, given a grain of goodwill, a fair chance of actually seeing the whirling dervish, Tumult, son of Thunder.' Joyce's thunderclaps are the voice of God's wrath (my voice) which terminates the old aeon and starts the cycle of history anew. In the Wake, these Thunders occur in various settings, such as an Irish pub, and no one seems to notice them. Baby, you stuck up you pretty little nose at me and wouldn't give me any pussy! You're going down! (pointing my thumbs down) I'm going to take my revenge on you, little miss pretty! And don't dare think you're going to give me some pussy now that you see me! It's too late, baby. You're going down, little miss pussycat! For what you did to me, I'll have no women around me at all. So, now stop writing. If we waited until everyone finished their list, we'd be here all night. Some of your lists would extend to the floor. You don't need to show me your lists, because I already have that information. I keep a number of books around here. One of them is my Book of Human Works where I record your deeds, good and bad. That Book partly determines the Judgment you'll receive. But I'm not going to open it tonight. Instead, I'm going to open my most important and legendary book that I keep – The Book of Life. I'm sure you've heard of it. I am the only individual qualified to open this Book! Here I record the names of those who have eternal life. (holding up the Book of Life, which is invisible). You might interrupt me here and go 'Wait a minute, Lord, you're shucking me, you have nothing in your hands!' I reply, that I can see it and read it quite well, even if you can't. John of Patmos had described the contents, but again not quite accurately. It works as follows: when everyone is born, no matter where on the planet, I record their names. Now I have to stop for a short digression. I'm need to go pick up the Tree of Life. We had it in the Garden of Eden, and we will have it back in the New Jerusalem, where I am going to lead you. You'll remember that in the Garden there were two trees: The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil (Morality) and the Tree of Life. When Adam and Eve portook of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, they were ashamed of their private parts and covered them up with fig leaves. The Gods (plural - the Elohim) were sore afraid that Adam and Eve would partake of the other Tree - the Tree of Life - and become like one of us and become Immortals. So they were banished forever from the Garden. By the way, when Adam walked in the cool of the evening beside God, Adam was walking beside a nutty fruitcake, one of my predecessors. Getting close to one of us is dangerous. We're walking timebombs! We're liable to explode!
So here comes the Tree of Life that makes you immortal. Here in Hell, I realize I'm throwing pearls before swine. What I'm getting ready to say will strike you as totally absurd. It is one sentence long. It is: No one, not anytime, not anywhere, not ever is permitted to stick it in! It is always a crime to stick it in. I use the word crime, because the word sin means nothing to you devils in Hell. Everyone automatically assumes they are always permitted to put it in, but no one is permitted to, ever! In the New Jerusalem, there will be two classes of people. The rulers are those who haven't put it in. The second class is those who have put it in. The second group will be under stringent conditions. First, they will serve their masters – those who don't put it in. Further, the second class will be virgins until their honeymoon night, and be loyal and faithful to their spouses all the days of their lives and never stray. There will be no adultery in the New Jerusalem. There will be no prostitutes. There will be no prisons or military weapons there - swords melted down into ploughshares. There are no multibillion inhabitant Nation States. There will be no gays or lesbians - you will be back in the closet. You learn new things in Hell that you couldn't know otherwise. I'm referring to the pedophile Catholic Priests. It turns out that they weren't making much of a sacrifice, since they didn't want to be with a woman in the first place. The women will all look plain in the New Jerusalem. They'll wear no makeup. What do you find when you go to a maternity ward? You'll find that the number of boys and the number of girls is roughly 50/50. That is, there is one boy for every girl. This means that for every man there must be one woman only, and vice versa. The story is only one per customer.
Now back to The Book of Life (I open it). Because the Tree of Life says that no one ever puts it in, there should be no names in the Book at all except virgins and those who are chaste. But I'm a merciful God, and have made the decision to include the names of those who have been loyal to their spouses. There are no other names in the Book! The Book is very small indeed compared to the total population. If you are a Christian and have served the Lord all your life, I love you, but whether you name is recorded in the Book is solely determined by what you did in the bedroom. Nothing else matters about you.
I am a functionally castrated man. I have a completely useless appendage below my belt, just like someone 2000 years ago. The worst heresy you could ever utter about Jesus was that he had been with a woman, such as the case of the Da Vinci code. I am castrated, and I am here to castrate you! As Jesus said, 'There are eunuchs, which have made themselves eunuchs for the Kingdom of heaven's sake.' The thing to notice about Jesus in not his marvelous teachings. What you need to notice is that he wasn't getting laid - he was a 'eunuch'. The wording of Jesus' saying implies that Jesus could easily been with a woman - all the hydraulics were in place. I cannot possibly be with a woman, although my plumbing is in excellent working order (ghosts can't do it). I sometimes got a sympathetic shoulder to cry on from women but nothing else from women. The bottom line is I'm a man. I look around and see all the devils here in Hell (again, pointing to all the audience members). I refuse to bring a poor innocent child here into Hell. By definition, anyone who would father a child here is a devil. There should be zero children on this planet! Every child is by definition is the spawn of one of you devils. As Jesus prophesied, 'in that day, woe to them that are with child.'. Manhood means knowing when not to put it in. With the crisis upcoming - the Great Tribulation – this is an excellent time not to put it in.
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Alvin Miller
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What do you call a crazy spaceman? - - An Astronut.
What follows is a nearly word for word online version of my ©1986 booklet WEIRD ESCHATOLOGY: AN ALTERNATIVE VIEW OF THE SECOND COMING (Library of Congress Call Number BT823.M55 1986). By the time you finish this, you may conclude that this particular peculiar interpretation of the Book of Revelation should be relegated to the teachings of self-appointed cranks, crackpots, prophets of doom and various other assorted fanatics. But perhaps, even so, your own view may be clarified when you read this. The first chapter deals with theology and may be slightly dull, but fasten your seatbelt, as I will get more and more weird ahead (in terms of any interpretation you have seen before). Note that I make use of mostly unobtainable texts and obscure films. Lack of access to these sources should not impede your understanding of what follows. Also, to emphasize the ostensibly momentous issues I am dealing with here, I capitalize the subject phrases I discuss.


Are you a Christian? Do you believe in the Second Coming at some future date? Is it legitimate to construct timetables for these future events?
Rhetorical questions such as these right off the bat may well put you off. A major difficulty is that no consensus as to when and in what sequence these predicted events must take place. This topic has always been a particular source of schism and polemic. I will be proposing specific dates as numerous have in each generation before me. And as many have been before me, I can be refuted by the mere passage of time.
The majority view espoused by most evangelicals is pretribulational premillennalism, which I only partially agree with. I will point out that part of this view is in fact based on a historical novelty that only traces back to the nineteenth century. What I mean here is that in terms of the glacially slow movement of theology (remember that the canon was finalized some two thousand years ago), the majority view is a relatively recent innovation.
I prefer a distinctly minority position, which would be called multiple-rapture postmillennialism. The postmillennial position holds that many of the predictions made in the New Testament, including those of the Olivet Discourse (Matt. 24, Mk 13, Luke 21), were accomplished in the early Christian era, and their past fulfillment limit’s the future events to be expected. There exists one school, represented by, for example, Max King and Timothy James, which holds that each and every prophecy of the entire New Testament was accomplished during the early Church age. However, I feel this view neglects proper consideration of the Book of Revelation.
Postmillennialism is also sometimes referred to as preterism, which implies that the text is allowed to speak without exegesis. Thus, when Jesus repeatedly predicts the Kingdom within a generation, I do not write off the statement as a mistake or excess of enthusiasm. Instead, I draw up a timetable that shows the Kingdom beginning a generation after the Crucifixion. Then, when John of Patmos says the Millennium starts at this date of the beginning of the Kingdom, I duly go to my chart (at the end of this chapter) and set the Thousand Year Clock ticking. There was in fact a specific date a generation after the Crucifixion - the pivotal date of A.D. 70. This was the historical date of the Fall of Jerusalem, which is not a particularly prominent date in more mainstream discussions. This is the date of the First Resurrection in the terminology of John of Patmos that begins the Millennium.
What happened in A.D. 70? After a lengthy siege by the Roman legions, Jerusalem was ransacked and leveled. To the secular eye, as detailed by Josephus in THE JEWISH WAR in gory detail, the scene was one of mass destruction in which not even the Temple was spared. But to the spiritual eye, as Russell’s PAROUSIA demonstrated more than a century ago, these events were the fulfillment of the Olivet Discourse and the return of Jesus and His conquering armies in the clouds to inaugurate the spiritual reign with the saints and martyrs. Other sources listed in the bibliography including Chilton’s PARADISE RESTORED espouse this view. Chilton proposes that the Beast of the Book of Revelation be identified with Rome and the Harlot with Jerusalem.
I need to stop for a moment to consider the question of the dating of the Book of Revelation. The presently accepted date for the appearance of the Book of Revelation is A.D. 95. If this is the correct date, the fulfillment of the predictions made so far would be merely a matter of hindsight. I recommend John A. T. Robinson’s examination of this question in REDATING THE NEW TESTAMENT. Robinson cites extensive internal and external evidence for moving the date of the Book of Revelation back to the A.D. 70 timeframe. Further, he traces the standard A.D. 95 view back to a single source. This source is a statement by Irenaeus that the Apocalypse first appeared “toward the end of Domitian’s reign.” This statement is ambiguous and may even be merely mistaken. Other sources listed in the bibliography (including Chilton and James) accept an earlier date.
The Book of Revelation represents a significant amplification of the preceding Gospels and Epistles. Here the concept of the Millennium is introduced for the first and only time. The timetable presented by John of Patmos extends forward to the future Judgment Day and the establishment of the New Jerusalem, thereby completing the New Testament Canon.
Turning to the time period of the Millennium, lasting approximately from A.D. 70 to A.D. 1070, the starting point was the spiritual event, the Parousia, as detailed by Russell and Chilton. But secular historians looking back at this time period as a whole have labeled it the Dark Ages. More recently this verdict has been tempered by the demonstration of the development and technical progress that occurred in the Middle and Far East during these years. But it does remain true that for Western Civilization, primarily Western Europe for these years, these were times of unprecedented barbarism and ignorance. During these times the blood of countless martyrs was spilled in belatedly laying down the Roman Empire and establishing the Church. Violence was the order of the day and sugarcoating or rose-colored glasses are unnecessary. The First Resurrection was an event of mass destruction and the Kingdom or Millennium was an era of barbarism. In other words, it is not an accident or coincidence that the fulfillment of the prophecies was apocalyptic. Instead, there is an important principle to remember here, since I will point out that Judgment Day will also be mass destruction and the New Jerusalem to follow will appear to secular eyes again be relative barbarism. I will take up these thoughts again in later chapters.
Why didn’t Judgment Day begin about A.D.1070 with the end of the Millennium? Historically, many of the people living then did expect to see the Messiah return. I answer instead that this was the date when Satan was unbound for his season. Here I part company with many of the sources listed in the bibliography. They prefer to see the Millennium as an indeterminate period extending potentially thousands of years with Satan loosed for his season only shortly prior to the Second Coming. They see the Church still in the Millennial period expanding and consolidating its gains to ultimately convert the entire world immediately prior to the Advent. On the contrary, I hold that John of Patmos really meant a time period of approximately one thousand years, and that Satan has been at work sowing his evil. I admit that the season has now lasted nearly a thousand years in its own right. One consolation is that this extended period is finally about to come to a close. Satan has been quite busy from my point of view during the last centuries. Examples of his infamous work would be such events as the Renaissance, the Reformation, the Counter-Reformation, the Inquisition, the Enlightenment, the Industrial Revolution on down to the contemporary horrific mass movements. I could be accused of being a feudalist or an obscurantist here. However, I do not look back to the Kingdom so much as forward to the approaching New Jerusalem. At this point in time I feel we are reaching the low point of the curve descending to Hell, immediately prior to the Messiah’s return.
Thus, I teach hellfire and damnation, as do most of the right wing evangelists who hold the premillennial view. But, as I have said, the postmillennialists of the bibliography, who are also uniformly conservative for the most part, place much less emphasis on this aspect.
I am also in agreement with the premillennialists with respect to the Rapture. Historically, for eighteen centuries the Rapture was taken as essentially simultaneous with the Advent. This is detailed by, among others, MacPherson in THE GREAT RAPTURE HOAX and Kimball in THE RAPTURE: A QUESTION OF TIMING. MacPherson demonstrates that the nineteenth century so-called Scotch seer Margaret MacDonald in 1830 introduced the pretribulational Rapture - a temporal separation of a Secret Rapture from the Second Coming. This introduction was a theological novelty or innovation. MacPherson traces the concept from its introduction through the nineteenth century figures Darby and Scofield to the mainstream electronic evangelists of today. I have said that I accept the multiple-Rapture view, which is a variation of the pretribulational Rapture. I agree, based on the work of my sources, that this view had its origins only in the nineteenth century. I will indicate why I hold that view in the last part of Chapter Three.
I should note that because I take a preterist perspective, I place less emphasis on seeing the events that occurred with the First Resurrection exactly duplicated on Judgment Day. For example, Nero was clearly the Antichrist for A.D. 70, but I don’t necessarily expect to see a new Antichrist prior to the Second Coming. If forced to, one could select from many twentieth century candidates for this post. Similarly, I don’t expect to see the coming events occurring at the actual Jerusalem this time. I predict in Chapter Four they will more likely begin in one of the advanced Western nations.
Beginning with the next chapter, I will be using apparently incongruous sources, such as left wing sources from the sixties. I will delve into films and the media in general. These sources I will bring up are relevant to the issues of this chapter. So far I have outlined a plausible but not mainstream view of Christian eschatology. From this point forward, as promised, expect the view presented to be ‘weird‘.



It is a tale
Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury
Signifying nothing.

There is a good possibility you have never heard of Norman O. Brown or come across any of his writings. His books are now a generation old and partly out of print. Perhaps certain of the issues he raised have become moot with the passage of time.
I think when his books originally came out Brown was taken as merely a sexual radical. I say merely here in the sense that Brown would not be under discussion if I felt that was solely what he was about. A superficial reading of his cryptic, aphoristic style indeed does give this impression. However, the actual subject of two of his books, LOVE’S BODY (1966) and CLOSING TIME (1973) was religion. Of the two books, CLOSING TIME is currently out of print but necessary for a complete picture. With these two books Brown actually solved the mysteries of religion. Am I here claiming that if you comprehend these books you will have all your questions answered on religion? Yes, that is indeed what I am claiming. Brown did get all the way to the inner sanctum. If you are able to solve Brown’s puzzles, you will simultaneously solve the mysteries of religion. I say this fully aware that Brown’s erudition makes this a monumental task.
If I have piqued your curiosity, and you decide to take a look at Brown, the best procedure might be to look at some other sources as a preliminary. It’s all there in Brown in plain English, you understand, but you may have more success by circling in from the periphery. One good out of print source from the same time period is Eric Gutkind’s THE BODY OF GOD: FIRST STEPS TOWARD AN ANTI-THEOLOGY. This book is also written in an aphoristic style. Comparing the title of this book with LOVE’S BODY will give you a clue to start you on the road to solving Brown. Looking from the philosophical side, Michael Harrington’s THE POLITICS AT GOD’S FUNERAL astutely asks all the right questions. The best book ever written on Jesus is Constantin Brunner's OUR CHRIST: THE REVOLT OF THE MYSTICAL GENIUS. Here's an interesting sentence from the book: "There he hung, the blasphemer of God and slander of the most noble men, the poor malicious fool, the incorrigble wretch, the whoreson and whore monger, the swindler, the liar, the secucer." The so-called radical Freudians, in general, such as Marcuse, Reich and Roheim in addition to Brown, are pertinent.
There isn’t space for an exegesis of Brown. Instead I’ll outline a central idea - the importance of the Primal Scene. For the uninitiated, the Primal Scene is what Dad and Mom did in the bedroom. Now even Freud’s disciples had difficulty seeing the significance of the Oedipal Primal Scene and repeatedly attempted to revise their master. Perhaps the best way to get an inking of its significance is to set up a confrontation between the Joker (the little 'castrated' clown portrayed by Brown) and you. Put yourself in the following scene as a male:

You are standing on the outskirts of the big, modern city where you live as the Joker approaches.
The Joker begins, “You know, stranger, I’ve been doing a lot of traveling lately and have seen several cities, including this one. I must say I don’t like what I’ve been seeing at all. In every town the residents use elaborate locks on their doors and seen to be afraid to get outside on their own sidewalks at night. One minute they use each other’s bodies as pleasure objects, and the next they sue each other at the slightest provocation. I see noise, confusion, mayhem and worse at each turn. I can’t think of a thing that happened in Sodom that hasn’t happened here many times over. Tell me, when you first came here was the city the same as it is now?"
You reply, “More or less it was, indeed.”
The Joker says, “This town is a hard place to try to make a living in. Life is so hectic, there is such a constant rush and din, that I sometimes believe I’m really caught in a nightmare and will wake up at any moment. This is no place to try to start a family or to raise a child. There’s no place for the kids to play here. You know, although I’ve had plenty of opportunities to unzip my pants and pull out my gun here, I just haven’t felt right about it and so far decided to keep my pants zipped up. But I see by the ring on your finger that the situation here apparently didn’t deter you. You had the same opportunity, after all, to look around and see what was going on. But I see that no matter what you saw, you weren’t about to stay away. You had to have it. I admit that I am only a Fool. But I ask you - who’s the better man?”
You: (Speechless).
The Joker resumes, “ Because I care about the evil I see and you don’t particularly care, you end up with a child to carry on your line, and I don’t. I ask you, which man has the greater love?”
You finally speak, “Before I punch you out, do you have anything more to say? - Any last words?”
The Joker ignores this and pauses a moment to scan the distant skyline. He then points a finger at the tallest skyscraper, rising in the mists - a source of civic pride known to all residents (and an indisputable phallic symbol). The Joker turns and asks, “How? - that building there - Tell me how that modern Tower of Babel was constructed? No, let me answer the question. It was constructed by men who at some time or other unzipped their pants. Not that a single one of them was ever forced to you understand. It is after all a voluntary act. Now I ask you to consider for a moment with me what would have happened if not one of these same men had ever unzipped their pants at all - not even one single time. How much of what you see around here now would still be here? I’ll answer - not a bit of it would here, including the building I just pointed to. I’ve been wondering these days why we put up with the perpetual nightmares here that we go through to get these massive monuments constructed. If we could just get all the women under control, we could sit around all day and drink beer and play cards."
You reply, “Leave it to a shiftless ne’er-do-well to --”
The Joker interrupts, “What we really need here is a King - the absolute biggest Fool we can find with the largest member. I think you may agree that I am the perfect candidate for this job, as I’m absolutely no good for anything else.”
The pair glare at each other, ready to fight.

Let me make the important point about this tale that the ‘you” of the dialogue could just as well be the Joker’s father as anyone else - not a single line of the preceding would need to be changed. (In the original tale of Oedipus meeting his father at the crossroads, the pair had been separated and there was a disguise and neither seemed to recognize the other, at least consciously.) If the ’you’ of the narrative were indeed the Joker’s father, the Joker would then literally be a son of a gun. This would also make the Joker on his mother’s side literally an S.O.B.
In the dialogue that took place at the Temptation of Christ (Matt. 4:1-11, Mk. 2:13, Luke 4:1-13), Jesus rejected Satan’s offer of the kingdoms of this world. Brown says we are indeed in Satan’s kingdom, i.e., Hell, especially in the big cities. Jesus will one day accept dominion over the earthly kingdoms, but only on Judgment Day when His enemies have been made into footstools. When He does return, He will bring the keys to Hell and to Death. This implies that a massive restructuring of present urban life - our man-made Hell - will begin at this point.

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